Question Random shut down (Not Overheating) while running on battery power.

Oct 16, 2020
I have a Dell Inspiron 7567.
I had this issue with my laptop within a year of purchase. While on battery power and moved or picked up, the system just shut down. Not logged off, No blue screen of death, NOTHING. Just blank.

The startup takes a little longer than usual after this happens. And when this problem shows up, it stays for as long as I use it on battery power. It shuts down sometimes within 20mins, sometimes 10, sometimes even before the BIOS has a chance to boot up the system, so no it's not an OS issue.

There's no issue of overheating as well (the system runs fine in gaming while connected to AC outlet) and there is no sign of high temperature when this occurs.

This soon led to my motherboard being shorted and it had to be replaced (luckily within warranty). They gave me a replacement for a charging adapter as well.
After 2 years, I replaced the old battery due to swelling and the problem still persisting. I spent almost a year without using the battery to be honest. I thought a new battery would fix it but it isn't.

I have tried installing battery drivers, checked for loose connections inside, checked for temperature spikes, set everything to NO SLEEP NO POWERING OFF OF FANS etc. Nothing works!

I can't afford to replace this laptop atm, I need this and for mobile purposes as well.

Please help me, Dell service also has given up on this issue :(
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