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Question Random shut down on AOD150 with any OS

Apr 9, 2020
Since some months ago, maybe half a year ago, my old laptop started to shutdown abruptly randomly during use. It can be it has started when on Windows 7 Ultimate I tried to share the desktop screen on a Chromecast thru Chrome and it froze and shut down, but since that a lot of time has passed and I'm not so sure. However in all these months from when it started until now I have tried to find out which is the cause in my free time, but I have not found anything and on every forum or tech social I've explained my problem nobody even answered. I understand it is a super old netbook, with a super old and slow Intel Atom N280, but I'd like to use it to remote my main PC.

When it happens, screen goes black (even backlight shuts off), disk access led remains off, USB ports are powered but there is no communication, as well on the Ethernet port. It is completely off except for the fact that power led is on and the cooling fan continues spinning. If I connect and extern monitor, it says that there is no signal. I've tested that it happens with Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP (factory OS with factory config), Xubuntu and even with bootable USB sticks. Seems to not happen in BIOS menu, but it's hard to say. I think that every time it happens CPU is at 100%.

Thanks in advance to anyone that answers this.

Sorry if my English is bad, it is not my main language