Question Random Shut downs of PC

Sep 22, 2020

I just installed a ryzen 3600 with a new motherboard and 16GB's of ram. I first had high idle temperatures but after replacting the stock cooler for an aftermarket hyper 212 the temperature dropped to 40c idle ish. Now whenever I want to run a game (Warzone) or run a benchmark the pc screen turns black and the pc restarts itself. Windows itself is runninng fine.

The fans of the gpu are not turning

I think that this might be because of the PSU since the psu sometimes make's a humming sound. I monitor the temps of the cpu during these tasks and it doesnt exceed 75c. Does anyone have a clue on how to fix this?


corsair vs550

gtx970 asus strix

ryzen 5 3600

16gb of 2sticks of corsair vengeance ram (ddr4)

and hyper212 evo aftermarket cooler

PC Tailor

corsair vs550
Poorer budget model PSU (and perhaps older one also by the looks of it). If you're also hearing new sounds coming from the PSU this would further cause concern for the PSU. The older VS can easily cause issues like this after a while, they're not really built for gaming systems.

I'd swap this with a good quality known working unit and see if the issue persists.