Question random shuts off

Jun 3, 2020
Hi. Got new parts and new troubles :)
PC shuts off during windows installation and after. Browsing(mostly chrome, ie worked way better) or using even small programs. Sometimes it would turn off on same action, like pressing same button in programm or opening same file (on attempt to install video driver, opening pdf in chrome and so on)

1. So i thought it is ram since it is not on asus list of supported modules. But ram gives blue screen and error, i think. Also runned memtest86 for an hour. Tried 2nd slot.

2. Other suspect is amd a8-9600. Cuz win10 installed it as "miscrosoft standart adapter" or smth like that. And in bios or memtest or diskcheck there was no such problem.

3. Third suspect is my old PSU cooler master rp 500 rcap. I heard PSU can cause such behavior. But it works fine with my old PC that uses more power (radeon hd4850)

4. And finally, radiator on CPU is not covering it fully. There is like 1-1.5mm CPU not covered by radiator. But temperatures are low. Always cool air, 30C in bios, after PC turns off CPU and motherboard around are very cool

Unfortunatly i dont have other memory/mb/cpu to plug in. And shops are not working cuz of covid. If i can figure what causes the problem i can buy new thing.

mb - asus a320mk
corsair ddr4 2666 CT8G4DFS8266
amd a8-9600
kingston A400 120Gb SA400S37/120G

edit: oh and i forgot. Been finding fixes on this forum for my other troubles for years. Thx to al lwho asks and answers.