Question Random Split Second Screen Flickers/Shutters

Sep 13, 2019
I have a 5 months old newly built pc, this problem i will describe here was there from beginning but i postponed to find out the cause all this time.

First of all this never happens when i game (World of Tanks, Sniper Elite, Cs Go, Gta 5, Borderlands).

Its only when i browse internet or sometimes on desktop. I uninstalled chrome and used edge and then firefox for some time. It only looked like it took a bit more time for the issue to come back so these didnt solve.

At the very first i thought its a static electric problem so i made sure everything is grounded nicely. -no fix.

Changed hdmi cable. -still there.

In that time i have bought a discrete gpu. - nothing changed.

One interesting thing is when i increase the ram speed it feels like the flicker/shutter happens more frequently. At 2666Mhz i think it only happened once. At 3200 it happens like once every 2 hours or so. I also tried a different ram too, it was still happening.

The thing happening is like when you shock a monitor with static but in my situation the monitor is not turning off/back, its just a milisecond flicker/shutter.

Even tho you %99 of the time you barely realize what happened but i remember seeing similar shaped figures a few times like in those pictures which doesnt belong to me ( ) ( )

My suspicion at this point is that maybe something is up with cpu's memory controller or motherbaord somehow causing this.

All drivers, chipset driver and bios is up to date. Any trouble shooting advices are appreciated.

Cpu; R3 2200G
Gpu; Pulse Radeon RX 570
Ram; G.skill 3200Mhz Cl16 F4 Gvkb
Mainboard; Msi b450i itx
Psu; Be quiet system power u9 700w
Os; Windows 10 pro