Question Random stuttering on my relatively new PC (Windows 10)

Aug 22, 2019
So I built my [relatively] high-end PC a couple of months back, and I've been using it relatively lightly, I'd say - some gaming, a bit of Blender recently, and the like. I've been careful about downloads and all that, since I didn't want any malware or anything. So far, no problems; it's running like a dream.

Just today, there was a bout of stuttering. I don't think there were any audio issues, but things would take time to execute (pressing the Windows button on my keyboard would freeze the display for a bit, before it eventually came up). Same case for almost everything - bringing up the [hidden] taskbar, apps loading up (like Task Manager), closing tabs, etc. I'm kinda afraid I got a virus, but after restarting the computer, it seems to be fine, and a full scan with Windows Defender says no issues, and there's little dust, and no overheating on the CPU, so... I'm not sure.

Specs are as follows:

AMD Ryzen 5 3600
Nvidia GeForce 2060
2 x 8 GB Trident Z RGB
MSI B450 Tomahawk
Windows 10

Any help is appreciated. I think it's honestly nothing, maybe just a random bout, but I'd like to be sure.


Likely it was busy doing one of several things. Running Windows updates, Optimizing disks (Defrag/TRIM) or creating a system restore point.

To be sure, I'd recommend the following. Set Windows update to ONLY update outside the times you normally use the system. Updating manually on a daily basis BEFORE you start doing anything important, is a good idea as well to avoid the system deciding something is more important than whatever you have going on already.

Disabling AUTOMATIC disk optimization. You can run optimization manually every week or so, or more often if you wish, to avoid the system firing up optimization while you are in the middle of something.

Disk cleanup. Make sure this is disabled/set to NOT do it on a schedule. Again, you can run it manually every week or so. No need for the system to do this automatically and draw resources from what you are working on at the time.

Finally, system restore. This one is a sticking point for me. I personally think it should be COMPLETELY disabled and all existing restore points deleted because I have never seen it actually work correctly when it was needed, anyhow. Much better would be to use a third party backup image solution from somebody like Acronis true image (Costs, but well worth it. One time fee, lifetime of use), Macrium reflect (Not as convenient or as flexible as Acronis, but it will work to manually create an image you can restore from, and it's free) or EasUS has a free backup utility called Todo that will work too. Acronis is miles better than any of these other options IMO.

Regardless of HOW you choose to backup, it's a good idea to do it and it's a good idea to NOT let Windows do it, because system restore hogs TONS of resources when it's running. You can disable it and delete the existing restore points to recover some drive space (It can often use 10 or more GB of space creating backups. In some cases, much more.)

After doing those things, restart the system and then just see if you encounter the same problem again. If you do, we can look at what might be causing it. Since it's not specifically game related, it's not really "stuttering" but rather lag, and lag is generally caused by something else using up all the hardware resources so eliminating those things might go a long way towards figuring out WHAT is doing that.
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