Random stuttering, possibly due to poor audio drivers


Aug 20, 2012
In any 3D game, be it a demanding game like ARMA II or one that even a cheap laptop can play like TF2, the game will stutter every few minutes. Between stutters, the framerate is just fine.

My computer's running on an ATI HD6950, a Phenom II 955 BE, and 4GB of RAM, and on Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I don't think it is related to the graphics card, because my last one wasn't even the same brand - it was a GTX 275 - and it had the same problem. Same story goes for the RAM.

I suspect it might actually be related to the VIA onboard sound - words cannot describe how incredibly shoddy the drivers for it (VIA HD Audio v7400a) are (you could tell just from looking at the cheesy window design). It's connected to a 5.1 surround system through three 'shared' ports at the back (which is bad enough, tbh), and pretty much every time I restart my computer it stops recognising all speakers but the front left and right until I reset it by changing a major setting and then changing it back again. I have tried a complete reinstall of all system drivers, too.