Question Random windows 10 black screen

Jan 9, 2020
i got a new pc for gaming that i assembled myself with a 600 w psu and an i7 8086k (not overclocked) and a rx5700 xt, it runs everything fine but sometimes the screen goes black not just when im playing games, i can be browsing the internet or doing anything and the thing will just throw a black screen, all the sound stops(games, music, voice chats) and i have to do a hard reset to the pc because it just doesnt respond, it doesnt follow an specific pattern, i can be hours using the computer without this happening or just 10 minutes and it happens , its like the windows itself crashed, even the rgb of my keyboard that its managed by the ICUE app stops , it is funny because while i i was writting this post the pc crashed, thank god that this saves the drafts, i already deleted and i installed windows 2 times, ive uninstalled and installed all the drivers for my gpu, ive tried a lot of thing but this keeps happening, any solution or idea on what could be happening?
Rx 5700 xt
i7 8086kc
evga 600w 80 plus white
x2 g.skill 8gb ram
asrock steel legend z390

please i need help with this , any response will be highly appreciated