Question Random Windows Boot Freezing/Black Screen


Aug 25, 2016
My GPU died a few weeks ago, and this week I just got my replacement 2070 Super from the EVGA RMA process. However, now I’m having an odd issue where a couple of times now, after waking my pc from a sleep state the PC either goes to a black screen or freezes. The most recent time, my PC froze after waking from sleep, I restarted, and it froze again once Windows booted up to the desktop, within a few seconds. I rebooted several times and it kept happening, some times it would freeze, other times it might go to a black screen. I tried a complete power cycling somewhere in there as well. After many rounds of this I booted and started in safe mode, which did not freeze. I restarted again from there and it started Windows normally, but was installing a steam update and was incredibly sluggish while doing so. Eventually it froze again and I restarted. After that it booted up and seems to be functioning again.

Im not sure where to begin to diagnose the root issue here, when the PC is finally up and running I’m able to play intense games and all that just fine. Since it happens (so far) after waking from sleep mode, I thought maybe it’s a power issue of some kind, or perhaps something is up with my SSD, or my Windows install has gone bad? I’m just looking for some avenues to go down here to troubleshoot, help would be much appreciated!

for info purposes my machine is:
i7 6700k
asus pro gaming z170i mini itx motherboard
Samsung EVO 1TB SSD (main drive)
650 w evga PSU
eVGA 2070 Super Black Gaming
Windows 10 Home

PC built in fall 2016