Question Randomly getting huge ping spikes

Mar 22, 2019
Hi. So I just got on earlier to play counter strike and I was having a huge ping spike issue. I did a ping test and it would be a 3 ms response time and every few it would go to 10ms or 20ms then it would go to the lower thousands. The same thing happened a few weeks ago and I watched a video and it told me to restart my computer in safe networking mode. I did this and it was completely fine after. Now it's doing the exact same thing, every 20 seconds or so the game will just stop and everyone stops moving then after about 3 seconds it goes back to normal. The only thing that's changed about my PC is that I downloaded cheat engine (no I'm not trying to hack I was just making an OP character in dark souls) and it installed avast! and some other browser I deleted both immediately. I dont know if that has anything to do with it but I thought I could note it anyway. Could someone help me out?
What do you ping to get a 3ms response.

You need to first ping your router IP, That will tell you if the problem is inside your house or on the internet.

You need to test this on a ethernet connection. Large ping spikes are very common on wifi.



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