Question Randomly losing GPU performance accompanied by CPU performance drop at all time


Dec 7, 2016

Recently I've been having issues with performance while gaming where my game would randomly freeze and the fps drops a lot for like 1-2 seconds and continues outside the game as well, I have done multiple performance tests and nothing showed up, I did expect it to be an SSD issue so I replaced the one I have and reinstalled windows 10 again, but the problem continued with no sign of stopping no matter what I did and how much I searched.

a few days ago I downloaded MSI Afterburner to monitor my performance while I played and noticed that whenever I get the freezes my CPU drops to 2 or even 0% in performance and a similar thing happens to my CPU where the performance would drop a lot not to below 10% though, I don't know what might be causing it, I didn't overclock anything and I did a stress test my RAM with MemTest86 but no error or issues appeared.

I even checked my Tasks to see if something is running during the issue but nothing is abusing my performance to that point if anybody knows what the cause for this I would love to hear how I can fix it, I haven't been able to play for a few days now and I want to find a fix for this annoying issue.

Before I forget here is my specs:

CPU: Ryzen 2600
GPU: 1060 6GB
RAM: 16GB 2x8 DDR4-2132 MHz
Motherboard: MSI Grenade A320M
Storage: 1TB HDD Seagate Barracuda, 240 SSD Kingston A400
PSU: Fractal Design Essence 600w



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