Range Extender Ping Spikes

Jan 3, 2019
Looking for possible solutions to a persistent problem with frequent ping spikes (once every 5 seconds) on my current internet setup.

The Setup:
• Internet plan is 15Mbps Down 1Mbps Up.
• PC is hooked up to a Netgear n300 Range Extender (https://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-N300-Range-Extender-EX2700/dp/B00L0YLRUW) via ethernet (Cat6) cable.
• Range extender has line-of-sight to the router (35 meters).
• Wi-Fi signal is 2.4Ghz.

PC used to be hooked up directly to the router, while there the ping would sit between 60-80 for most games/ apps.

Ping while hooked up to the range extender is also 60-80 but spikes frequently to 800-1000.

Are there any options available to me here? Or is this just the result of hardware limitations?
Why did you you hook your PC to a range extender rather than just use a wifi card in the pc.

Make sure the "extender" is not acting as a wireless repeater you want to use it purely as client-bridge. Having it repeat a wifi signal that you are not actually going to use will degrade the signal back to the main router. If you were actually using it as a wifi repeater you just have to live with that but since you are using it as a fancy wifi nic card you can disable that ability.

Still you are using WiFi. It really doesn't matter what form you use all are subject to interference which causes spikes in the latency. It can be as simple as your neighbor is also using wifi and interfering with your signals.