Question Rarely Gpu Usage/Fps drops while gaming?


Jun 30, 2021
Hello! around 2 months ago i've bought a Msi Gtx 1660 super ventus xs oc and on the lasts 2 weeks i've was getting werid fps/gpu usage drops either watts drops while playing "Black desert" and other games with vsync activated cause my monitor has 75hz playing on med settings even tested at ultra settings, and sometimse it rarely drops to 60 fps and my gpu usage falls for a second, i'm even curious if it could be my psu or my gpu, it rarely falls on benchmarks too for example at heaven benchmark always at 99/100% usage and only lowered usage/fps once but might be normal during benchmark scenes.

Ryzen 5 5600x
Msi gtx 1660 super ventus xs oc
ADATA xpg hunter x2 8gb 3000mhz
PSU: 600watt's plus bronze

Here you can see a video at 2:25 it's when it happens that my gpu usage drops

And this is pretty weird that only happened me two times after playing for awhile that it has constant fps/usage drops, but it's it's very rare only happened twice.

I've took gpu to the vendor and they "tested" it and told me my gpu was fine and they didn't had any fps/usage drops, but i'm very unsure. My cpu ryzen 5 5600x prob has around 1 year tested it with alot of benchmarks and not even a single problem plus you can see while gaming it's at 20% usage in average. My ram is x2 8gb 3000mhz dual channel with XMP activated.

So my guess it could be the PSU? that it's making my gpu to rarely "Drops usage/fps/watts" or might be a issue with this gpu.