Review RasPad 3 Review: Raspberry Pi 4 Powered Tablet


May 27, 2017
Personally, I prefer the CutiPi tablet (, if they made a 10" version I would grab one, just find 8" a bit small.
The big difference from the CutiePi is that it uses a RPi 3 compute module, so is well behind the Raspad's RPi 4 in computing power. A RPi 4 compute module in it would make it a lot more useful.

I have crammed a RPi 4 into a Kano kit that came with RPi 3, and it's very similar to the Raspad in its wedge shape, but is a lot less svelte-looking than the Raspad. Its battery is inadequate for the RPi 4, and together with my makeshift fit of the RPi 4 does not make it nearly as portable as the Raspad.

Too bad Kano shifted over to Intel with Windows 10 for its Next Gen PC "kit" instead of updating it for the RPi 4. Lots of complaints on the Best Buy forum for buyers of that model make it appear to have poor quality, and questionable features, not least of which is the idea that plugging in the battery and sound module(?) makes it a STEM computer hardware learning project - yeah, right...
Aug 24, 2021
Les Pounder has published the Dimensions of the RasPad to be "10.6 x 5 x 1.8 inches (270 x 127 x 47 mm)".
This means a 1 to 2.12 ratio of the screen or base plane and implies that the tablet is wider than high.
I think it shall read 10.6 x 7 inches, giving a 2 to 3 ratio. This is similar to what you get as ratio if measuring the dimensions on the first photograph.
Personally, I like the idea of the RasPad to have everything in one closed case, like in the Pi-Top but having a RPi4 in it and maybe be more versatile to upgrade to the next RPi5 or whatever will come. The Pi-Top can take only the RPi3 and there is not enough space to upgrade and no new boards available. I think with the Sensor Kit V2.0 I'll get nice tools to connect outside to the RasPad, with the ability to quickly disconnect if no longer needed.