Question Raspberry Pi 4 (b) 4GB - how to convert it for gaming?


Sep 22, 2013

I purchased a Pi 4 Model B 4GB a while back after having a a Pi 3 that I initially bought to learn Linux. Learned enough to help me at my current job and I haven't really used it since. I fired it up a week or so ago and was wondering how to convert it to a gaming machine? I've seen some have SNES emulators, SEGA, etc. This is just a basic kit I purchased from VILROS and mostly used it for checking emails, etc.

I have a 32GB microSD card in it and have no other programs or anything else on it. What would be the best way to convert the 4B for just gaming? (The Model 3 will just stay in the drawer lol)
Retropie is your one shop stop, well not really you will have to provide some bios for some systems and the rom files (the actual games)
Lakka is you barebones build if you don't want all the bells and whistles of retropie.

If you look on the net there are builds filled with games and ready to run but those are illegal pretty much everywhere so if you are concerned about that...

In any case you just dump the image file to your SD card ,I use win32 imager , but you can use DD in linux or the one they recommend on the sites you get the distro from.