News Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera Used for Out of This World Astrophotography

Jun 8, 2020
Cool. Thanks for sharing!

BTW, how does this compare in terms of both cost & quality with other amateur asto-photography setups?
Remains to be seen. It’s value will be in the Raspberry Pi enabling its integration with other astro software and HW without needing a laptop. Not a big difference in cost I think. The HQ module has the potential for some deep sky images while the earlier camera modules were limited to solar system images. Pixel size and IR cutoff on the sensor will result in less quality than real astro cameras. I hope to be able to run RPi HQ cam wirelessly from my iPad and avoid the need for a laptop. I did this with the original cam module years ago but the slowness and latency of the link made it hard to frame and focus images. Hope for better with the Pi 4.
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