News Raspberry Pi-Operated Nixie Tubes Make the Perfect Retro Display


If you don’t have a Raspberry Pi-powered set of Nixie tubes, you’re missing out.
I used to lust over nixie tube clocks, like... 10 years ago?

Someone even made a nixie tube watch!

Each Nixie tube requires 10 outputs
One per digit, I think.

Farrp2011 would like to expand their use to other applications, such as displaying weather information or Bitcoin prices.
As long as it's numeric. At best, you might find hexadecimal nixies, but perhaps they're all just numeric. And I'm not counting the segmented ones, because if you're going to the trouble of using nixies, you really want that iconic look of the originals.

Anyway, Bitcoin prices... man, that sure does sound like 2011.

One last thing about nixies... they burn out. And I don't think anyone is still making them. Apparently, some have longer lifespans than others, but I wouldn't use it in anything meant to stay on, continuously. It's best reserved for showpieces, IMO.