Raspberry Pi: Projects, Models, Prices, How to Get Started

Excellent article and list of projects. Thank you for also including a list of compatible USB C cables for the Pi 4 since it has "issues" with the USB C port.

The Picade is a very fun project. The screen is excellent quality. The kit has been improved over the initial release some. The instructions have not though. The reviews mention needing to use videos and such and this is true. Not a big deal though, it's easy enough to figure out.

I will say N64 emulation on the Pi through RetroPie is, well not a good experience. Generally it is going to take tweaks to make it work smoothly. Gameboy Advance can also struggle in places. NES, SNES, Sega, TurboGrfx, Atari, Gameboy, even actual Arcade stuff plays smoothly generally out of the box though on RetroPie. (I've been using Pi 3 B+ s for this, haven't tried a 4 yet)
Sep 2, 2019
The Corsair K83 may be the best of the wireless keyboard/trackpad combos, but at a list price of $99 (on sale for $79 at Amazon as I write this) it's far too expensive for most people to want to attach to a Pi. It does offer Bluetooth, so you can connect it to a Pi without using any of the USB ports.

The Logitech K400 and K400 Plus (both versions are still available; the differences are keyboard layout and cosmetics) are a more logical (sic) pairing for the Pi, with their list price of $40 and frequent sales bringing the price under $20. (As I write this, Amazon has the K400 for $19 and the K400 Plus for $25.) The K400 uses a Unifying Receiver that plugs into a USB port; if you want to add a mouse you can pair many models of Logitech mice with the same receiver and thus use only one port. Use a USB 2 port on a Pi 4; there is no reason to waste a USB 3 port on a keyboard or any HID (human interface device).