Rate build in progress -which 680 mboard?


Nov 7, 2006
I currently have for a new build:
E6700- c2d 2.66ghz
HDD Raptor 150
Sblaster X-fi fatality
Lianli 7bII
zalman 9700 hsf
antec neo500w PS

What i am planning to get-
ddr2-800, prbably ocz rev2
asus 680 vs evga 680?

What is up with asus boards, they are hard to get and not many reviews on new egg but evga is cheaper with availabitly and many reviews. I felt asus was better but seems as though there is quality probs. Should I wait for asus board or save maoney and get evga.

BTW I want to OC to around 3.6 ghz


May 22, 2006
I have heard good things about EVGA's 680i board, although I lack first hand experience. I would never spend $400 on a MB, ever. The price:performance for the EVGA is indeed better than the Asus flavor.

I do have to say that with the PSU listed, even without an OC, you might see some major issues. I would take the money saved on the EVGA and replace the PSU. PCP&C are amazing products.

Another way to add performance might be to add another raptor for RAID 0+1 cfg. That however would surely add to the need for a new PSU.



Jan 9, 2007
First off, AVOID THE OCZ. Not good stuff. Corsair is much better. Corsair overclocks better and runs on lower voltages. OCZ has that 2.2v warranty thing because they need because you have to send so much electricity through their RAM just to make it work properly. Older Corsair memory wasn't all that great, but the neweer stuff is amazing.

Secondly: avoid nVidia altogether. Their chipset driver support is awful. The worst I've seen. Totally different than their graphics driver support, which is really good.

I've heard good things about the EVGA, but I haven't used them. I've used ASUS and their fiine. Both boards are likely comparable.