Question Rate my new build


Mar 2, 2014
CPU: AMD Ryzen 3700X
GPU: Evga 2080 Super Ultra XC
RAM: Corsair 16X4 3200 mhz
Liquid Cooling: Corsair h100 Se Platinum
Case: Corsair 465x
PSU: Asus ROG Strix 850W White Edition
Motherboard: Asus prime x570 Pro
Storage: Samsung 870 Evo Plus 1T

Looks good to me - cable management is decent. Specs wise it's spot on. I personally don't really go for RGB but that is just a personal preference type deal (and it can be turned off anyhow).

What monitor are you running with all that? Really a build like that deserves a nice VR headset as well :p
i bought this

i know i should have something better though
That's not a bad display - should get very smooth performance with your setup. You machine is capable of 144hz at 1440p though in most titles.

You could always get a couple more 1080p screens for a surround setup - depends on what games you want to play though if that is worth it (surround is great for driving / flight type games).