get this instead

-no reason to go windows 8 if you dont have a touch screen
-no reason to get pro because this is a gaming rig. if it isnt, get a i7
-no reason to go platinum. not worth it
-do you play blu-rays? like very often? if not, dont bother with on. just get netflix or something
-no reason to get a black drive as they dont perform better than standard 7200rpm drives
-no reason to get a old sata 2 SSD when other options are cheaper
-no reason to get a 660ti when a 7950 is going to perform better and is cheaper. if they were the same price, then id think about a 660ti
-no reason for SLI as of now as a 660ti or a 7950 can max out most games at 1080p
-dont get crappy keyboards.