Question Rattling noise from PSU

Sep 24, 2020
Hey, :)
So I built my first PC and everything is working fine, only problem is that weird annoying rattling noise.. I invited a friend to try listen and help me to figure out from where is the noise exactly coming from..
He checked and said that the rattling noise is definitely coming from my power supply.

This is the PSU that I am using: Gigabyte PSU AORUS 850W PFC Gold 80+ Modular P850W
I searched online for information about the problem with this PSU and I found couple of people saying they had the same issue..

I`m now thinking what should I do ? should I try to sell this one and buy a new one? I was thinking maybe about getting 850W by Corsair..
Or maybe I should contact the store I bought the PSU from and maybe they will give me a new one.. (This is still in warranty) the question is if a new one will be 100% coming without that noise.. ? and also, my case is huge and I already sent my pc to the store lab and they said they didn't hear nothing which make no sense at all to me So they said that if I want I can send them back my PC so they can check it again..

I will really appreciate any help!
Thank you :)