Question Razer blackshark V2 X from a Hyper X Cloud Core


Jul 9, 2019
Hello everyone,

So i had a hyper x cloud core and i was happy with it almost 5 years with it but the protection of the ears is getting doned so i decided to buy a new headset!

The headset that i buy was blackshark v2 x i liked the reviews and it feeled like a better cost-benefit against cloud 2!

Turns out that i feel that i dont like the quality of the sound from v2 x especially in games like csgo it feel weird but maybe its because of im being used to hyper x. Also my ears feel a lot more warm in the new v2 x but that could also because their are new!

So i need to decide what to do, if i sell my blackshark v2 x i already i have someone that pays me the same that i payed for them and buy cloud 2 or should i stick with v2 x and just need to get used!

Any another suggestioons would also be appreciated

Thank you!


Decision is up to you, but if you don't like the headset there is no need to force yourself to keep them. Ears being warmer has nothing to do with the fact they headset is new, some of them are just sealed up tighter and trap heat more.

If you want a bit of an upgrade to sound but still have it be similar, the Cloud Alphas are a better headset over the Core.

A few other options in that price range for headsets are the Cooler Master MH751 (more even and clean sound than the HyperX but a bit less punch in the low end) and the Steelseries Arctis 3. Both have a different sound and feel on your head than the HyperX Cloud series, lighter and more breathable.

While not the best for headphone reviews from an audiophile point, the hardware canucks channel has good simple to understand reviews of them