Question Razer BlackWidow elite vs Ducky one 2 RGB TKL

Oct 16, 2020
Hello there. This is my first post on this forum and I hope I don't violate any rules or style guide by asking this question...and straight to the point. Which keyboard of those two should I buy: Razer Blackwidow elite or Ducky one 2 RGB TKL. Now, I know if i leave it like that it's like asking which car should I buy: Ford or WV. But, I have some more function parameters to add (for all programmers out there):
  • I am using both Windows and Linux - ubuntu mainly for programming work and windows for designing and everyday use
  • I don't game on my PC (I have playstation for that)
  • I want to use rgb and macro functionalities on Linux as well (for razer I know there are some unofficial drivers but I don't know about Duckey)
  • after some extensive review watching, I kind of can't get rid of a feeling that Duckey keyboards are pretty bad build quality due to plastic, although I really like it's sleek and minimalistic design
  • cherry MX brown vs Razer orange keys? Any big difference (especially in quality since older razer keys are some Chinese crap I think)
I am really in a last phase of deciding and I won't give any other keyboard in this comparison since I already excluded tons of them. One of big reasons is also my native language engravings which are unavailable with some keyboards. And I need ISO layout (UK). I just need one last push in this deciding step and I would be really happy if you guys can confirm or reject my conclusions. Bottom line with my observation is that Razer keyboard is somehow better built and has better support for Linux, on the other side I like Ducky design better (I really like TKL) and I think that cherry mx switches are better.
What do you guys think? Help me throw the money in the right hole.
Thank you.