Mar 1, 2019
I got this laptop today. It was sellin for 100 and got the dude to delete the ad rightaway so it didnt become a bidding war. its missing left ctrl key, but despite of key missing, left ctrl works.

"battery not as good as...
"u know used as a media pc, plugged in
"oh i dont know how long it lasts

i drive userbenchmark test, it has this stupid gaming portion and i keep playin it trying to complete it without realizing bnchmrktest will only end if u quit playing it. anyway, the thing turns off. battery went from 100 to 0 in those 5-10 minutes i tested it...

"can we reduce the price, battery defect was not mentioned
"i mean its good for 5yr old...
"no, 100 to 0, its broken
"what do you offer?
"lets split in the middle
and 70 it was... (i say 60 when i want to pay 70)

soon i learn this models battery generally goes to schaisse in a yr or two... so battery replacement doesnt interest me as its a short term fix...

the top priority is fixing this key... any ideas for where to source this key, EU shipping required... does it look fixable.
thx in advance monicas.

Also, where could i get a replacement battery?
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