Question Razer Electra v2 no sound

Aug 23, 2019
well i just fixed this nasty problem, its not warranty friendly but hey its something atleast
this is what i sent the razer support team in reddit after i get it fixed :
well i just fixed them, and and you wont believe how i did it, i was guessing that the headsets have some kind of memory that store profile or something so i open them up as a last ditch effort then i found the little green board that have some kind of black chipset on them, i grabbed my kitchen knife and started touching the soldering on the board randomly and and suddenly the headset disconnected and reconnected as Conexant USB Audio, it was a ray of hope and i tested the sound and it worked but when removed the usb and reconnected the problem started all over again, now dumbfound i repeated the kitchen knife processes and this time it also appeared as Conexant USB Audio, then i remembered that since the connection is actually working at least i must try updating the firmware and voila ! it updated and my headset are all set to go now.
thank you so much for your time and i hope i was not a bother to you guys, good luck . View:


i hope this help anyone who have the same problem, but in my opinion if you still have the warranty then send them back instead and get yourself a new pair for free, i didnt do the latter because i am living half across the world so yeah, good luck.