Razer game booster high performance power plan


Sep 25, 2018
Hey i use razer game booster and in the program there is an option that enables high performance as the power plan when i boost. But i use ultimate performance as my power plan as default which is a little bit better. And i was wondering if i tick that box if will change it to high performance anyway. And if i untick will it change to balanced power plan or will it leave it at ultimate performance power plan because that is what i want
Don't know if you're on an Nvidia or AMD GPU, but I just leave my PC on Balanced and use Nvidia Inspector to set any game that needs it to be at Prefer maximum power in the Power Management option. That way when you exit the game, your CPU automatically reverts to idle speed so you're not running hotter and louder than you need be.

That said, since I literally turn ALL the W10 telemetry off, there's only one game I've actually ever needed to set to anything other than Balanced power. I've checked with Afterburner and my 8700k immediately goes to and stays at it's max turbo speed, but for some reason that one game has a slight benefit on High performance mode.

I really don't like having any more apps running than totally necessary.

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