Razer Goes Membrane With 'Cynosa' Keyboard Line

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Jul 31, 2015
LOL I find it funny how these companies sell you on one thing and say oh there is no other anything else is crap. then turn around a few years later and release something that they said was crap and try to sway it as it being great. I myself do not like Mech keyboards I find them way to noisy for my liking and prefer the quiet membrane keyboards of coarse without the Christmas tree lighting. That is my own preference and not meant to dis anyone else for their preferred choices.

I do how ever find it kinda funny that so many people dislike loud computers got to make sure those fans are barely spinning it's to noisy. Then go out and buy a clicky clacky keyboard. That clacking drives me through the walls when hearing it in the youtube video if someone is typing I can not imagine what it would be like if it was in the same room as me...lol


Cherry reds and blacks are both quiet switches; both mechanical. Corsair also makes a "speed" switch (may actually be made by Cherry as well?) which is quiet.

After trying many keyboards, both mechanical and not, can I honestly say mechanical keyboards are better though? Not really, though one thing I can say about mechanical KBs is they last a lot longer. I like the feel, but from a performance standpoint, I can't tell the difference.

As long as I can hit all of my key combos, that's what matters. I do like the lights for finding my way in the dark, but once I'm there don't really need them.


Oct 8, 2004
Not that there is anything wrong with these Razor membrane keyboards, but for the price of $60-$80 bucks, you could also buy yourself a mechanical keyboard. If you were interested in a mechanical keyboard, of course. :)

These Razor keyboards do look nice, though.
Leave it to Razer to release an $80 membrane gaming keyboard. It probably doesn't cost them much more than $10 to build these things. Considering you can find a number of off-brand mechanical keyboards with backlighting for under $50, it seems you're paying quite a bit for that Razer logo.

There are plenty of mechanical keyboards with quieter switches. Blue switches have a tactile bump with a clicker built in to provide audible feedback when a key press activates, but brown switches don't include the clicking part, making them quieter. Red and Black switches leave out both the clicker and the tactile bump. And while some people bottom out their key presses making an audible clack, the keys activate well before that point, so at least for typing, any of the key types without a clicker can be fairly quiet. Rubber o-rings can also be added to the keys to dampen the sound, so that even when you bottom them out, they shouldn't be much louder than a membrane keyboard.

As for the clickers built into some key types like the blue switches, the sound is there to better indicate when each key press has activated, to help you to avoid pressing keys all the way in while typing. It shouldn't be as distracting if you're actually using the keyboard, since it can be perceived as feedback to an action that you're performing. If others are nearby or you're recording a video though, it might be a good idea to get a keyboard with quieter switches and/or install a set of o-rings.


Mar 1, 2017
I tried Razer hardware didn't have a very good experience with their software still have it in a box somewhere. So, I went back to my trusty Logitech though LGS has it's issues it has been better since they implemented diagnostics and hopefully the next build is even better.


May 8, 2009
Get a Synapse software that doesn't mine my data and require me to sign up on install and we will talk. Mech or not, this is still the same Razer trash.

As for the said click-noise, try a Romer-G switch. I use a Logitech g910 and a Corsair Scimitar Pro mouse. Never looked back. You can turn off "Christmas-mode" if you don't like the lighting or change it to something else.

I agree when @UBERCAKE said that they last longer. They do. The actuation is much faster and quite noticeable once you have grown accustomed to mechanical then back to dome.

For the price tag one can buy a keyboard mouse combo already that is way better than any Razer offering. Very pricey for a dome keyboard.
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