Question Razer headphones thru synapse aswell as seperate creative speakers at same time

Apr 14, 2019
Hi i purchased some creative pebble speakers today which have a usb and 1 x 3.5 connecter, i plugged the both in and it worked fine.
I also purchased a razer kracken gaming headset which uses usb.
After setting up the razer thru the razer synapse software successfully, my creative speakers have no sound.
If i look under my sound settings under playback it has my kracken headphones as default and under recording it has my kracken mic as default.
i have the creative speakers plugged into my speaker jack on my front audio as my back audio ceased to work after an realtek HD install.
As i said i can get them both working seperatly , but would like them both working at the same time , any help thanks
Edit , also if i swap the reaktek Hd audio output to default the speakers work but not the headphones , so they both work , just not at the same time