Question Razer huntsman V2 analog Ghosting/WASD locking up mid game


Dec 17, 2013
hey a few months ago i bought the Razer Huntsman V2 Analog keyboard. i currently have it plugged into the Type C port on the back of my motherboard. at first i was loving the keyboard and everything seemed fine then only a couple days into using it i was playing halo and while i was holding W and D to move forward/right i let go because i wanted to stop and for some reason W stopped and D just stayed enabled when i held D again it would stop until i let go. the only way to make it stop is to hold the key that glitched, which in this case was D then hit the opposite key to it so A . it was kind of annoying considering this was my 3rd razer keyboard and ive never experienced ghosting on one before. fast forward about 3 months and ive now just accepted this being a thing and i deal with my WASD locking up at random points in games daily it can happen at any moment when im least expecting it and 9/10 it'll get me killed. i cannot find anyone else having this issue with a razer keyboard since they simply aren't supposed to have this issue, nor any modern day keyboard for that matter. the last time i experienced this was on an old keyboard i bought from a supermarket when i first started pc gaming 10 years ago. so no idea why its happening now. please if anyone can help me with this i'd really appreciate it


It's not really ghosting, it's due to a defective product or more specifically a faulty key switch. You might want to contact Razer as well as your seller, so they are both aware of the issue. In retrospect, Razer's always did have some cool designs and they were the first to come out with some stellar hardware, sadly thought they're all hype and their QC department are either sleeping or nonexistent or occupied by folks who can't tell bad from worse. I've invested heavily into Razer's ecosystem's and they all failed spectacularly, when the warranty went out or just before it did.