Question Razer Kraken Kitty Headphones keep disconnecting randomly ?

Sep 10, 2023
My headphone have a connection problem switching on and off randomly, it mainly has this problem when i use synapse, so i thought there was an issue with synapse but even after turning off and not running that software my headphone still have the random off and on problem but less frequently, I googled for some solution the most answer that i got was to clean the usb port which i did but doesn't seem to work, so I thought of RMA but I realised the warranty was already expired and i already lost my warranty card too with the manual.
So i was wondering what to do after this , will it be repairable ? what will be needed to repair it? how much will it cost? and will it be possible for me to repair it myself?>

Thanks in advance XD


Mar 2, 2023
It's unlikely to be dirty USB connections unless the computer is more than fifteen years old.

I'd be inclined to check all USB Hubs in Device Manager and stop Windows from powering down the USB ports to save power during periods if inactivity.