Razer Launches Huntsman Keyboards: Hands-On With The Huntsman Elite

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Oct 13, 2009
You mention "clicky" switches... so is it loud? I game at night but work during the day, almost always on speaker phone and some of the mechanical keyboards I have used are obnoxious to take notes on during a call.
Despite being a Razer peripherals fan, this is a bit much. I have a Black Widow Ultimate 2012 (blue only - no RGB) my wife bought me for Christmas back then and it's great. While it's clear there have been improvements in their tech in general and Chroma/RGB being all the rage, I'm sure this appeals to a group of gamers looking for some of the very best gear available and won't hesitate in slapping that money down to get it. Maybe it's just me, but $150-$200 on a keyboard is a tough sell. Even though their competition is fielding similar gear at a similar price point, this just seems like... a LOT for a keyboard.

To each their own, I suppose. I will concede that it does look pretty sharp and if something were to happen to my keyboard, I'd *consider* taking a look at the lower cost version.

well thats the thing about mechanical keyboards with switches. they are loud



Dec 15, 2016

I just bought it today and it is very loud. I would say it is on par with the blackwidow X, and I can't even make it quieter by putting o rings on it because the cherry stem shape is different than the standard switches on the blackwidow. However, it should be noted that the tone of the Huntsman is lower than the Blackwidow, which I like.
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