Razer Mamba Mouse Won't Work in Wireless Mode


Jul 23, 2015
I bought a Razer Mamba mouse but it wont work when plugging the USB to the deck
only if i connect it directly to the mouse.

I want to add that when the mouse is not connected directly to the computer the lights are not working and the buttons are not working either (and the movement itself of course)

I really hope that someone can help me with that and i really dont need to replace my mouse.
Oct 10, 2018
Not sure if a windows update just did the dock and not the mouse for some reason.... Spent a loooong time (days.....) trying to find a solution online, finally decided to check out this vid (i hate watchin vids rather have in text lol) This guy saved my ass lol! https://youtu.be/d8tNO8PGBfM (make sure to subscribe!)
Make sure to start with the mouse (or perhaps vica versa depending on your situation) doing dock first didn't work for me!
Thanks again you tube dude! :)

p.s. so it paired.... but synapse still was a fail off the bat (windows 7 64), so uninstall syn, reinstall (i believe wired mode works best now that it pairs....) run the installer in compatibility mode (win 7 in my case) and as administrator (not sure if necessary but hey, why frack with procedure lol) and viola!

Hope this helps.... what a nightmare.... thought stuff would get easier pc wise over time (been outta the game for a few yrs....long, ridiculous story...) lmao!