Razer Phone Random Freezing and restarting

Sep 17, 2018
Hey everyone, I am new to the site so i apologize if this is in the wrong thread.

I am having some issues with my new razer phone. I love the phone when it works, but it doesn't seem to be working properly. Infact, the phone has been doing this since day 1 and it is only 3 weeks old.

My phone will randomly freeze or restart at random times atleast 5 times a day. Sometimes, I cant even turn the phone on. I have to do a hard reset with the power button + volume up button. Im not really sure what to do here. I believe it is software related. I have attached a bug report. If anyone knows how to read these things please help! I dont want to return the phone if i do not have to.

Just to note. I can not make this problem come up as a result of anything. It is completely random.

The link to the BugReport is below.


Thank you!!
Mar 5, 2019
Hello, john (I presume it is this)

I owned a Razer Phone and this happened to me a lot aswell. A lot of first generation phones from razer have been to noted to having a faulty DAC or OTG adapter. This caused problems for me. If I plugged a USB device in it would completely short the phone randomly afterwards until I did a hard reset. I later opened up the phone to find that it has been causing an arc to appear near a battery terminal. So, have you plugged anything in. If not it may be faulty battery or OS (make sure you update to the latest stable build).