Question Razer Raptor 27 vs Samsung Odyssey G7 32"


Nov 14, 2011
Hey everyone,

I need a little help with a choice of monitor, I've been looking for way too long now and cant pull the trigger on what monitor to get.
I am wanting the ability to game with high frames when I'm playing a game like Counterstrike or using my PC for daily life, but want some good visuals for games. So I set my mind on a 2k monitor.

I am in the process of buying parts, but will likely have RTX 3080, I9 10900kf etc or floating around those parts, so I'm hoping for 2k 144 mhz gaming most of the time, can cap at 120 if needed.

After doing enough looking around, I found out these two monitors both seem alright, but cant decide which.

Where I am located (Oslo, Norway) I can buy them atm for:
Razer Raptor 27: 5300 NOK (497 eur, 606 usd)
Samsung Odyssey G7 32": 6999 NOK (657 eur, 801 usd)

I am guessing the g7 will have discounts after christmas, whereas the razer has a discount already.

Do you guys have any experience with the two, cautionary tales, have thoughts on what has been better for you with gaming on a 32" curve vs normal 27".

Also, as I dont own a TV, the monitor will be my TV when I need one also for netflix or smthing.

Thanks in advance!