Review Razer Tomahawk ATX Review: If You Must Own a Razer Case

This case makes no sense! Is it meant for liquid cooled cpu and videocard?

Well can't have too high of expectations from a case that puts glass on both sides of the case.... The back side of the motherboard tray, even on "cable managed" cases is not exactly "show worthy". For a lot of people's cases, it's a mess, and it's hard to get the panel back on.
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Mar 16, 2020
I feel the 3 stars rating is probably too optimistic for this casing. In my opinion, if the casing cannot provide decent cooling to the system, it is a clear cut fail to me. The moment I see the solid front panel, I am already expecting poor thermals in there. To me,
  1. Great looking case, good sound isolation, poor airflow (thermals) - This is an instant fail
  2. Great airflow, bad sound isolation and average looks - This is still more acceptable than 1
  3. Great airflow, decent sound isolation and looks good - This is the toughest to balance and probably worth the higher scores. Sound isolation can only be decent in an airflow case unless they provide very low RPM fans.

I feel a lot of companies want to get into the casing business, but just buying an off the shelf design will not cut it. One can water cool it, but the radiator will still need good airflow to run cool after some time. So there is no excuse for poor airflow in a case that cost this much.