Info Razer Tops PC Tech Support Test, MSI Brings Up the Rear


Mar 14, 2018
How do people even properly score and evaluate tech support? Get extra points for being female and winking? Is that it? The only tech support that is worth a darn is the stuff I do myself and getting crap to work. I don't know how Apple gets top score, when their crap breaks, it is broken, no fixing, no real repairs, just bend over and pay for new crap.


Mar 4, 2016
Apple and Razer have the best support because their products break so often that they get the chance to get more experienced in fixing them hahaha I would expect MSI in 3rd place for the same reason, but seems they are that bad that they can't even help repairing their own stuff.


IMHO, ASRock have got to be bottom of the list - Completely refusing to honor warranties for faulty products and up to two weeks to respond to tech support tickets, if they respond at all. Fine, they are an Asian manufacturer, but if you are going to sell to English speaking customers, it would be helpful if you had support staff who had some understanding of English. I've found myself having to explain things to them many times.

MSI would be close to ASRock. Their support website and forums are atrocious, with posting questions and replies a real hit and miss affair. MSI staff are belligerent, unresponsive and quick to blame everything on any one but themselves. Also find it difficult to support English speaking customers.

But lets not forget ASUS, the over-priced under-featured manufacturer. I've never had/supplied an ASUS product that worked as it should. And woe be you if you look for customer service or technical support. Quick to fob you off, unresponsive, slow to process RMAs and a web site that's as bad as their attitude towards customers. Their promotions sometimes aren't above board either. ASUS love to brag about how good their support experience is - Not even close to true.

Seagate on the other hand has always been easy to deal with, though their support website can get stuck in loops at times.

I've not had to test out Razer, I've never had one of their products fail (Mice, laptop and headsets)