Question Razer Wireless USB Headphones Audio Issues while PC (GPU?) is under heavy load

Jul 22, 2019
Yeah, the title says it all as it is kind of hard to dumb that down any further.

Video of the audio issues

I ran OCCT's "PSU Test" in the background while I was listening to music and after about 5 minutes of letting the test continue, the choppy-ness started showing in the headphones. I recorded it with my phone so you could hear it (The issues do not become any more or less apparent when the headphones are at a louder volume.

After recording the issue, I went to the kitchen to grab a drink, and when I came back, my computer screens were off but the fans on my system sounded like a jet taking off. It turns out that my GPU had reached 90+ Celcius during the test and I didn't realize it. I reapplied thermal paste to the GPU and that was it. I thought the audio issues had stopped but no, still going strong!

I am going to give as much information here as possible to see if I have missed anything:
(My current audio playback devices) (All specs and performance information for my system)
My USB headset is a Razer Nari Ultimate and I am using Razer Synapse 3 to customize settings (EQ, Surround Sound, etc.)
The audio issues do not show in the "Razer Nari - Chat" output, but are still very prominent in the "THX Spacial" and the "Razer Nari - Game" outputs
The headset is plugged into a front (case) USB 2.0 port, but the issues are persistent in the front USB 3.0 ports, and the motherboard's rear USB I/O ports (USB 2.0, 3.0, and 3.1)
My name is Michael (testing to see if you're still reading here)
I have reinstalled all drivers for everything multiple times.
I have no other computer to test the headphones on.

What could I be missing?