News RDNA2 in Mobile: Alleged Samsung Exynos 2200 GPU Details Appear

Sep 8, 2021
In fact these clockrates are higher than those mentioned in the latest leaked benchmarks and this might mean that Exynos 2200 could be very competitive in the multicore benchmark and to a lesser degree in the single core Geekbench.

To remember: In the latest benchmarks the Exynos 2200 achieved 1073 SC and 3389 MC with 4 cores @ 1,73 Ghz. 3 cores @ 2,5 GHz and 1 core @ 2,59 Ghz. While it is difficult to assess exactly how it would scale at the higher clockspeeds a good result seems to be likely at least in the multicore benchmark…


Feb 6, 2020
I wonder if this is why the Galaxy Note was delayed (assuming it's not cancelled) and the lack of a major tablet update in the recent Samsung Unpacked event. Possibly re-gear the Note line into a sort of luxo-game phone while the Fold takes over for general phablet duties? Tool up an updated tablet line with increased graphical horsepower for both (mobile) gaming and CAD-like work?