[SOLVED] RDR2 Fresh Installing Windows to Stop Jutter, HELP

Aug 21, 2020
After having a superb month or so of performance, I forgot to exit the game normally and held down my power button while Red Dead Redemption 2 was open. Then a problem with my frametime pops up. This problem also occurs if my charging cord slips out of my laptop while the game is open. Even when I check that my laptop's plugged in and restart, when I move or turn my head in the game I get up to 80 ms between frames. This is unplayable frametiming. I have troubleshooted the game endlessly, but my problem I fear leads outside of Red Dead's config files. my specs should be in my signature, any ideas? I am sick of refreshing my windows install and having to wait hours for the game to reinstall. As of right now though, it's my only good fix. My only sorta good fix is limiting my FPS from 60 to 30. But then the frametiming becomes trash again anytime my card struggles to maintain 30 FPS. Don't judge me, I average 52 FPS when things are all hunky dory, alright!? Besides, when I limit anything to 30 FPS screen tearing is a big problem. I have no clue what's causing this problem!
This solved my issue, the program in the video, QuickCPU.