Re-delete restored files from recycle bin ?

Nov 9, 2018
Hi guys !

So , I've mistakenly restored over 200 files from the recycle bin .

Problem is , I can't remember which files exactly , they've been in the recycle bin since ages , so , just knowing the original location doesn't help at all.

Is there a way to find out which files exactly were restored , locate them and delete them again ?

Thanks in advance !
Well deleting a file and restoring it doesn't change any of it's modified or accessed date and time data. Dang. Thought I was on to a solution there. You could have used Windows search.

For what it's worth, the system would have flagged anything that could have over-written another file, so nothing lost. Also, if the original folders are gone too, the system will re-create the folders to match whatever path the file had, so maybe look for new folders here and there.

If you have an idea of the file types (e.g. excel spreadsheets), and all else fails, open a command prompt, ensure you're at a path than will contain the files (e.g. C:\Users\Username), and type

"dir *.xlsx /p /s" (if they were the old Excel format, you would try "dir *.xls /p /s"

That should find all instances of Excel spreadsheets within the path you're at, and in all subfolders. It will also pause for you to read and continue when you tell it. It will separate each folder's findings too. Of course, if you're unsure of the file extensions, you're no better off. :)

Edit: If you get bored and want to quit the command prompt, hit CTRL+C, then type 'exit'.