Re-install Windows no network adaptor


Jun 22, 2006
Reinstalled Windows 7 to hopefully cure a black screen cutting out issue after everything else i tried didn't work, so far ok no black screen cut outs , but now a new problem i have no network adaptor showing in device manager so can't go online ( i use Virgin Media Superhub 2)

The hub/router works ok as i can connect wirelessly on my other PC , but the main PC was always
connected by ethernet cable directly and now says it can't find any connection.

So do i need to get drivers for motherboard, i have original Asus mobo CD, do i just run that or what do i need from Asus website, i'm confused over what i should download, i'm guessing its

LAN Version 7.85.425.2014&8.31.4
Description Realtek LAN Driver V7.85.425.2014 for Windows Win7 32bit & Win7 64bit---(WHQL).

My mobo is Asus Z87-K LGA 1150 and if i get that all sorted then next problem is trying to resolve that the reinstall also hasn't detected my GTX1060 , driver install i hope is the answer ?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
My best guess is that the fresh install means that all of the drivers are needed. Most should be on the mobo CD, or you can find the support page for that product and download drivers. While you can get drivers for the graphics card from the manufacturer's site, you should be able to use it at low resolution on the generic drivers. If it's not functioning at all, you probably have another problem.