Re-installing an expired shareware app?


Aug 10, 2004

A while ago I downloaded an application that had a 30 day trial on it... the problem is I only got to use it a couple of times during those 30 days and didn't get to test it out a whole lot.

So I figure I would un-install and re-install it to give it a more thorough and deserving test, before deciding to pay the regestration fee, well that doesn't work, somehow it knows that it has already been installed for 30 days.

Is there any way to get around this? I don't really know how it is keeping track, but I would like to find out. If I can't use it to try it I definately won't buy it. (This happened with paint shop pro 8 that was installed on my Dell computer also... used it one time, didn't use it again for 6 months, finally had a reason to actually use it for real, and couldn't test it out, so I never registered that one.)

Thanks in advance for any replies.
Search for registary entries relating to that software.

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