Re-installing OEM Win7 Pro on new SSD


Aug 22, 2008
Hi there,

Just got myself a new OCZ agility 3 60gb that I want to use a boot drive but I need some advice on what to do to re-install my OS. Currently I have everything on a achingly slow Samsung F2 eco 1.5 TB drive.

As for the OS, I realised that I have a Win7 Pro 64-bit upgraded that I used on the previously installed XP home premium I had. This upgrade disc requires a pre existing OS license. I have the old disc for the XP sp2 install, but I can't find the original package with the product key. Is there anyway for me to get the product key, seeing as I physically have the install disc? If so then I could install XP onto the ssd first and then install the upgrade over it.

Another possibility I discovered might be to use the OEM Win7 Home that I installed on my Fiance's system as a first install and then use my Win7 Pro upgrade on this - would that work?

So basically what I am wondering is can I use either of these 2 aforementioned methods, and if so which is best. Or, worst case, will I be forced to buy a new copy (which would be stupid as its for the same PC I have the old HDD for, in which case I will be pissed off at Microsoft!