Read before asking for programming assignment help

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Before you post a thread asking for help with your homework, please follow these simple instructions so that you can help us help you:

1. State at the beginning of your post that it is an assignment. Don't pretend that you are solving a problem in a professional application.

2. Don't post your programming assignment and just expect to be given the code to solve it. You usually won't get it.

3. Post some code that you have already written (yes you, not somebody else) and describe how you've gone about solving the problem already.

4. Describe what you are trying to do and what the problems are in detail. We can't read your mind.

5. Use the forum's [ code ] and [ /code ] tags (without the spaces inside the brackets) to wrap any code that you post. It will preserve formatting and make it much easier to read.

6. Don't always expect to be given the complete solution. You may be given a partial solution or just some guidance to help you in the right direction. Ultimately, you are being marked on how well you understand what you're doing, not us. We don't just want you to understand how to copy and paste!
Not open for further replies.

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