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Aug 17, 2004
What discrepancy? One is the rated and the other is the measured number.

Now please stop trolling and wasting my time.



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Subject: Re: No PSU Guide?

Still no joy.

Per your review:

"Input: 1058 watts (213 volts, 5.02 ampere, cosphi 0.98)

Output: 850 watts (21.2 ampere/3.3 volts, 26.0 ampere/5 volts and twice 26.3 ampere on 12 Volt, 20 watts on -5/-12 volts, 5 volts standby)"

Per PCP& Cooling:

Four +12V rails @ 17A each

Don't sound like the same monster to me!

I still cannot see a link to a PSU guide under "Toms Guides"

Tom's Guides

Mainboard Guide

CPU Guide

Graphic Guide

Display Guide

Digital Video Guide

Storage Guide

Business Guide

Consumer Electronics



At the page:, Click on "Search Prices", "Shop a Category"- There is No PSU Category.

How much digging around your site does it take to find the info I need? Sure, it's easy if you know where it is! Even when I find what I need, I can't trust it-explain the Number of 12V rail discrepancy...That spec is number 1 in importance to me.

Sorry-Just more wasted time...

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> No power supply forum?
> ower
> Not on their website?
> no PSU section in our price comparison?
> (granted, it seems no vendors carry the product)
> Fredi
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> >
> > So... as important as you claim PSU's are, why no PSU guide/forum? I
> > cannot find the PC Power & Cooling: The Black 850 W Monster that you
> > stress-tested for sale anywhere. It's not on their Web-site. Even in
> > your own price checking links, there is no PSU catagory. Maybe I'm
> > blind....? Unless I can actually use the information you provide,
> it's
> > just wasted time.
You can order straight from pcpowercooling's <A HREF="" target="_new"> Website </A>

THG isn't perfect and they've never claimed to be, cut them some slack or go somewhere else!


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