Question Ready for a this?

May 31, 2018
Okay so the problems all started when I was messing with my RGB fans and strips while my pc was on and they just permanently switched off, my bad.

I then tried to put new fans on my r9 280 after it was flickering blue in sniper elite V2 and reaching 90°C+ after it's been pasted at least 4 times in the last year alone and the fans oiled. This made things much worse as the fans (arctic F9's) weren't strong enough to keep the card cool when vsync was turned off and it started to crash and make scary faces at 70°C so I knew it might be on the way out.

Resorting back to the original fans, my computer then would only get a few feet into boot before going blank(still running) and the motherboard telling me that there was a problem with the CPU.

Getting really scared at this point, I thought I'd swap out the 280 in case it's fully kicked the bucket and put in an ati 3450 I had lying around and it booted up fine; so maybe my PSU was struggling to power both? PSU and GPU both dawning 4 years, the oldest parts in the build.

Tests I've run to check everything else works:
Antec vp350 + 3450 + 1600x = works (to check my CPU isnt the problem)
Antec tp650 + 280 + q6600 = only crashes when pushed on games (GPU isn't fully dead)
XFX 550 + 3450 + 1600x = works

Any theories you have on what could be the problem are welcomed with open arms.

Spec of original PC:
MSI x370 gaming pro carbon
AMD R5 1600x
VTX3D R9 280
16gb g.skill trident rgb