Question Ready to buy a GPU right now. Torn between what to buy.

Dec 25, 2018
Title says it all basically. Finally ready to buy a new GPU. Im torn between this 1070, this 1060 and this 1060. Im still learning about computers etc. so im not too sure and would appreciate some advice.
I can see the 1070 has a core clock of 1.5 and a boost clock of 1.7, the GIGABYTE 1060 has close to 1.6 core and a 1.8 boost finally the MSI 1060 has a core of 1.5 and a boost of 1.8. All are GDDR5.

Im leaning towards the GIGABYTE 1060 as it seems most affordable for the quality. With picking that my build would look like this The MSI price is the furthest i can push my budget. Any help is appreciated.
regardless of the core clock of all card 1070 is still the best performing card here. even 1060 overclocked to 2.1Ghz (the highest 1060 can go) won't reach 1070 base performance. if you want the best gaming performance 1070 is your only choice.

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