Question ReadyBoost not giving desired speed (System RAM 1 GB)

Aug 28, 2021
I recently assembled my old PC together and freshly installed Windows 10. Even though it is old it works fine, apart from memory. It has a RAM of 1 GB. So I tried to ReadyBoost the system, but it won't speed up the processes. I have successfully made the USB enable of ReadyBoost. I can see in the task manager as well as in the properties of the USB stick that it is using all the space but still won't speed up the system. It still lags as if only using 1GB of RAM.

My system specifications:
Installed RAM: 1 GB
System type: 64- bit OS
Processor: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU 230 @1.60GHz 1.60GHz

USB specifications (used for ReadyBoost):
Speed: 25 MB/sec (Read) 5 MB/s (write)
Storage: 32 GB
Interface: Standard type A (USB 2.0)

Also, do I need to configure ReadyBoost every time I boot up the PC?
Any help would be appreciated, many thanks!

P.S. In the ReadyBoost tab I'd chosen "Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost".

Phillip Corcoran

ReadyBoost has been grossly over-hyped, there is no substitute for adding more physical RAM and your 1GB is nowhere near enough, no wonder your system lags.

4GB RAM is the absolute minimum you should have, whilst recommended minumum is 8GB.

Forget ReadyBoost , install more RAM.