Question Real basic Point of sale system?


Mar 2, 2016
Hello, I have a friend who has an auto machine shop. He needs a way to create job invoices and accept credit/debit card payments. I have a bunch of equipment and would like to put a single terminal system for him. I have a few SFF pc's., card readers, check scanner, POS printer and a small Brother black & white letter sized printer and few other odds and ends. Where do I start? Which Operating system would be best? Is there any free or cheap POS software? Can he use PayPal or some other company as his merchant account?

His present billing system is either hand written or verbal with cash only payments, so anything I can put together does not have to be elegant but will improve his image as a professional and bring him out of the dark ages. His present system is losing customer respect and they always object to the amount of the bill. A printed invoice would go a long way in helping with that problem.

Suggestions please?

Thanks, Jim

P.S. I realize that all of my equipment is practically obsolete. Would he be better off with a modern "Square" system or something like that?
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Square would be the single easiest thing I am aware of. Quickbooks would be a similar application. Cheap, easy, work from a PC/phone, multiple ways to bill, accept payment.
I prefer Quickbooks and it is what we use for our fire safety company. If you are so inclined it will even keep inventory levels if you put the work in and audit occasionally.